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Re: Aspects to Ascendant: Conjunctions and Parallels

Originally Posted by tokyo.lights View Post
Oh I understand now! Was a bit confused when you mentioned Pisces interesting stuff, especially sects, must read up on it. Cheers!
I use the Vedic sect model, not the Western. So do dr. farr and the Vedics.

@Just Joy & serafin5 - I have Neptune conjunct and parallel the Ascendant and I do not totally fit the Neptune bill either. I actually do like arts better than science, but I do not exactly fit the "dreamy, luminous, escapist" thing. About arts: Arts are simply the expression of human thoughts and feelings, and the arts of a time reflect the thoughts and feelings of a time. When the Church was boss, arts showed that. When the Renaissance with its mathematicalness came about, arts showed that. When WWII happened and everyone was either glamorizing it or being disillusioned, arts showed that. When postmodernism came about, arts showed that. I am not going to change my view of the arts to fit some pop culture dogma.

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