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Re: Aspects to Ascendant: Conjunctions and Parallels

Originally Posted by queenfluff View Post
Hmm, ...Neptune on Asc causes problems for me in the way you described "the projection of the fantasy that the other holds of them" - this herein lies the problem - I have a hard time getting people to see the true me be cause they already have the fantasy version of me in their heads. It gets frustrating because people will misunderstand me because they have already assumed I am the way they wish me to be - in reality, I am not. Neptune conjunct Scorpio Asc btw. Scorpio Rising makes it even harder - people never get you.
Hello Queenfluff, agree w/you.....sometimes misunderstood by others too. Got Scorpio, Scorpio Rising with Neptune, Mercury, Venus Rx... and Sun (by association) conjuct AC. I am a bit of deep water lol. And yes, seems more difficult for others to "get me"; I mean even with my Sun in the 1st!

I am or have been a lot of those things Kannon mentioned of Neptune conj AC; good & bad. My other planets conjunct AC seem to get lost in the Neptune factor...

Mecury: I am super into research, love, love, love it, but staying focused is a problem, as well as saying the right words. I do not speak up often, but when I do, many times it's like I am not heard. Told it has to do with my voice inflection. Perhaps I over compensate to tone it down worrying my Leo Mars squaring my 1st house stellium will make me sound like a loud know it all.

Venus is fuzzy to me; I don't see myself like others do. I often attract the wrong type. ..., don't know because of rx factor, or being in detriment in scorp; or conj other planets on AC & 1st house. Probably all of the above lol; it's a big mystery to me I can't seem to resolve.

BTW... really enjoy this topic, thanks Kannon for creating this post :-)
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