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Re: Aspects to Ascendant: Conjunctions and Parallels

Originally Posted by fushiafairy View Post
venus in 12th conjunct ascendant. Both in Virgo.

The statement above about venus conjunct asc. describes me.
Short, shorter than anyone in my family and shorter that doctors said I would be.
plump...well, at times i have been. I like my food, it comforts me. Mostly I am curvy though.
More appealling or attractive...why thank you...but I don't know about that. I have never been a raving beauty, but I have a certain quality, a blend of gaelic, fairy, and native american, that intrigues people.

Virgo rising...I look like a quiet mysterious librarian at times.

Hey there,

I noticed venus is in my ascendant but I am not short, actually I am about 2 inches taller than my sisters. I am 5'5. Been very thin all my life and people tell me I look rather fragile. Maybe venus does not operates the same in all.
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