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Re: astrology for all

as said before,the sudarshana chakra analyses the different layers of a person-his physical\external,his mental\emotional and his deeper spiritual impulses.
sudershana chakra shows,how well integerated the person is--wether his different layers are in harmony or not.
every aspect of the man's life should be analysed from the three ascendants.
sometimes everything may seem to be ok, when seen from the natal ascendant and the moon ascendant...but the person is still not satisfied,he feels some strange emptiness and uneasines but he is not able to pinpoint the cause of his uneasiness.such things happen when his life is not in tune with deeper spiritual impulses.sun signifies the inner being,the higher self ,the spiritual being-so studying the solar ascendant chart helps in understanding the inner currents.
for a person, to be perfectly satisfied with life,the three layers must be in harmony and working in tune with each other.others wise there will stress and conflicts in his being!
understanding the qualities (triplicities etc etc) of the signs of the natal ascendant,the sun position and the moon sign ,helps a lot.
sudershana chakra gives an indepth study of a person...helps in detecting deeper issues and blocks,harmony or lack of it.
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