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Re: Introduction to Retrogrades (Astro Psychology Oriented)

*Below is a summary of a personal study regarding Mercury retrograde and its impact on a telephone service. Whilst it is acknowledged that such studies may not constitute definitive proof of a theory, the conducting of such studies can only add to the store of astrological knowledge we are sharing here*
Editor's Note.

RESEARCH - A Simple Mercury Retrograde Study
A Simple Mercury Retrograde Study
By Frank Piechoski

Thesis: Mercury retrograde disrupts communications.
If this statement is to hold up, only verifiable and documented communications interruptions and degradations should be used in any study that would seek to support the above thesis. This is a simple and preliminary attempt to do this.

Explanation of the Data Used

As some of you might know, my “benefits job” is with a major communications corporation (which will remain nameless to protect my continued employment there). Thus, I have access to some statistical information that might be used to test the above thesis. This short study is an attempt to do so.

The type of information I’m using is the number of trouble tickets left over that were unable to be worked by the end of each working day for the department – 11 p.m. The last appointed person to leave each night fills out a spreadsheet on how many tickets were left in the two main trouble ticket queues worked. This is for a telephony product using Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology.

An increasing number of tickets on the end-of-day report points to more trouble tickets being created during that day – hence more customers are having difficulty with their telephone service.

The two queues are:

Minor – These are tickets that completely disrupt communication, such as complete loss of dial tone and the inability to make or receive calls. The usual expectation is that someone in the department will work these tickets within an hour of their creation.

Degraded – These calls are for less severe problems, such as degraded call quality (static, distortion, etc.) and features not working correctly. The usual expectation for these tickets is that they be worked by someone within three hours.


I collected available data for both queues from the updated of the spreadsheet that is sent out every night at 11 p.m. I then determined the Mercury retrograde periods by running Solar Fire’s Dynamic Events Report. I then separated the collated monthly data from the spreadsheets into three extra worksheets – one that contained all the days, one that included only the days when Mercury was direct in motion, and one that showed only the days when Mercury was retrograde in motion. I designated the day Mercury stationed on both ends of the period as retrograde. I then tabulated the findings and determined the average tickets per day that were not worked by 11 p.m. under each condition. I also deleted any days for which no data was collected. The Mercury retrograde shadow period was not examined for the purposes of this brief study. The data was collected from July 2008 through January 2010 and included four complete Mercury retrograde periods and one partial one – the extent of the data available.


Total Tickets (498 days)
Average Number Tickets Left Per Day- Minor 54.775; Degraded 86.8

Mercury Direct (409 days)
Average Number Tickets Left Per Day - Minor 53.31; Degraded 83.95

Mercury Retrograde (89 days)
Average Number Tickets Left Per Day Minor 60.83; Degraded 98.81

As we can see by the above numbers, there appears to be a significant increase in the average daily number of tickets left over at 11 p.m. on days when Mercury was retrograde. The results of this study appear to support the thesis that Mercury retrograde disrupts communications.

Copyright 2010 by Frank Piechoski

**As above, so below**

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