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Re: astrology for all


as said,natural occult aptitude backed by dedicated effort,gives excel,there has to be this in built aptitude.
the chart does show occult aptitude.
for eg:-uranus in the 1'st or 10'th house,especially on the cusps or very near to the cusp,in aspect to the sun,the moon, the chart ruler and the ascendant ruler and related to 3'rd or 9'th house ,shows immense occult aptitude.even the malefic aspects-the squares ,the oppositions ,here ,show strong occult aptitude.such uranus , is on the cusp or very near to it ,of the first house,especially,the occult colours the whole life of the individual and occult plays the vital role in the life an fate of the man.occult here becomes like life blood,for the individual.with dedicated effort,this man is sure to excell.

neptune is not much related to astrology and other study based occult average man ,the material man is not much affected by its influence.
but in those who vibrate to neptune influence, a prominant neptune in the chart,tends to give psychich and receptive depends on the individual how he controls and uses these majority of cases,it gives bad results, because being psychically reciptive, opens u to the negative cosmic vibrations and untill and unless u have good defenses against them,receptivity will always cause strange mental and emotional problems.only the mentaly strong ,should go into the psychich side of occult.
neptune influence,thus, is benifecial for psychich practitioners,crystal readers and those in divinations.but is not of help in the practical studies branch of occult like astrology,palmistry or numerology.these branches is in the scope of URANUS.

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