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Re: astrology for all


the matters related to a house ,are primarily influenced by the planet or planets which are deposited in that house.such planet or planets have a major say in how the matters of the house are experienced by the native.
but their influence is not the only ones which affect the house.there are secondory set of influences,which are those of the planet which rules the house or to be accurate -the planet which rules the sign which falls on the cusp of the house.
this ruler of the house has to be considered ,even though it's influence is secondary to those of the planets deposited in the sign.and when there are no planets in the house ,THEN THE INFLUENCE OF THIS RULER BECOMES MOST IMPORTANT in studying the matters related to the house.
the position and strength of the ruler, affects the house it rules ,even when the ruler is placed in other house.
if the ruler is strong and well placed,it is benefic for the house it rules and the matters of this house . and the vice versa.
the house in which the ruler is placed has to be considered.the influence of this house gets related to the house which the ruler a house is related to the house in which its ruler is placed.
when the ruler is placed in the house itself ,its influence is very strong.
aspects recieved by the ruler have also some bearing on the matters of the house.
though the influence of the ruler is secondary to that of the planets posited in the house,it should not be ignored as it has some effect.and when there are no planets in the house,then the ruler becomes most important.
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