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Re: astrology for all


1)the nature and characteristics of the planet has to be considered.

2)the nature of the sign in which the planet is placed has to be considered.

3)the energy of the planet and that of the sign has to be moulded and synthesised ,to arrive at the planet's influence in that sign.

4)the influences of all the aspects recieved by the planet from different parts of the chart have to be considered.the 'planet in sign influence' has to be modified with the aspect influences and synthesised to arrive at the true real influence of the planet when it is in that sign and recieving those aspects.
this real influence is expressed in the house in which the planet is placed and it influences the matters signified by that house.

5)the nature and significance of the house in which the planet is placed has to be considered.different houses signify different areas of life.the planet placed in a house, influences those matters and areas of the native's life , which are signified by that house.
so understanding the significance of the house and the matters related to it is a must.

6)consider the natal houses ruled by the planet. a planet may be the ruler of certain house or houses,in the chart.when this planet is placed in a house,it brings to this house,the influences of the houses which are ruled by the planet.the matters of the house in which this planet is placed,are influenced by the matters of the houses which are ruled by the planet.
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