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Re: astrology for all


the SUDARSHANA CHAKRA....the sun ,moon and ascendant chakra.
analysing the three layers of human existence......the inner being,the mental makeup and the external personality.
sudarshana chakra,analyses the horoscope,from three angles.the natal ascendant,the moon and the sun.
three simultaneous charts,using three ascendants ,are set up and superimposed.
each of the three-the sun ,moon and the natal ascendant,is taken as the ascendant and a chart is cast, giving three charts having three different ascendants.the three charts and their indications are superimposed and blended.
sudershana chakra is used for indepth study of the person.not only the physical\material aspect of his life ,but also his emotional\mental\psychological world ,inside him....
and also deeper spiritual energies...

sudarshana chakra,is used to see if the different layers of the person's being are in harmony or not.

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