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Re: What's the difference between the Sun in (a sign) & the rising (of the same sign)?

Originally Posted by cindystubbs
I have a question.
I have Venus in 12th at 28 degrees Scorpio.
I was told Venus was to be interpretated as being in the 1st house and that this was done only at the ascendant because the ascendant is so wide open in it's power in your chart.

Strange, but Venus right at the ascendant you should be beautiful.
Everyone tells me how beautiful I was as a child and there are many
pictures of me as a toddler, but I grew out of it and became quite ordinary and not even pretty. I wondered about that. I do have beautiful feet still, which Venus in the 12th (Pisces rules the feet) should give me.
As a Sagittarius with a Sagittarius rising sun, I feel primarily the effect of Saturn at 7 degrees Sagittarius in my life, like Saturn killed my Sagi nature.

Venus is conjunct my North Node and maybe that is why my Venus is different??? I do enjoy solitary pursuits, which would be in keeping with Venus in the 12th house.
I read somewhere that a planet close to the ascendant in the 12th would be struggling all the time to be expressed. I do have difficulty expressing love and hugging embarrasses me more than anything.
I feel Venus as ane energy I wish to come out I guess, I can't even express what I like and what I don't like clearly, or have fashion sense, and this would also be ruled by Venus
My Venus is in Scorpio and doesn't match me either, maybe the 12th changes a planet, or the conjunct to the node.
I feel as though my Venus in the 12th is locked up.
Really it depends on a few factors here, if venus is within 5' orb of Asc it is said to have more impact/outlet in next house ie: 1st and then what other aspects you have to venus, you only mentioned conj N Node which means beauty and pleasure in vocation will be important but Scorpio is intense, private secretive and even if in first house may have problems showing affection. But when conj Nodes maybe that's your life's Lesson to learn to do this and people (node) will be drawn to either in private (12th house node) or personally more openly if in 1st house...

Hope this helps a little
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