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Re: Loosing of the Bond in Zodiacal Releasing

Of course, I understand
I don`t expect or even want any reading, actually;

You`re right and I have too little information to jump to conclusions now, as sometimes the effects of an influence are visible after a while

I need to practice restraint, like many of us

I just wanted to share my observation on this. now calculates ZR periods, so I rely on it as far as timing goes. I don`t even try to interpret it. It's really complicated in my case, because one sign activates both lights and both benefics all at once, aside from the ruler of the sign. I makes five planets altogether.
Just one would be too much for me

All I know on ZR is basically from Chris Brennan`s podcasts etc.
9And from and astrology

Would you recommend his book on Hellenistic astrology?
There`s a preview of the contents on and it looks like there`s a lot of useful information on the topic.

thank you for replying and for the links, Jupiterasc and CT

I like Schwarzenegger (more than politicians) so I`m going to pay more attention to his case
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