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Re: Loosing of the Bond in Zodiacal Releasing

This philosophical piece by Curtis Manwaring written on zodiacal releasing and other timing techniques may help you to organize some of the concepts in your mind.

A takeaway from this piece could be that the times have to compound and positively reinforce one another over a prolonged enough period of time before one could see the kind of gains/positive outcomes that connote a trend of stable growth and development. A particularly bad astrological period followed by a good or even great one may just mean recovery from loss and/or modestly better outcomes.

You might also be interested in perusing the articles he's written in the "X-FILE CABINET" section that weaves the usage of ZR in the lives of various prominent people. Here is one such example.

Here is an article that features an analysis of the loosing of the bond and it's role/correspondence with the eminence of Arnold Schwarzenegger

You'll find a lot more character and life analysis using this technique on this website, which I'm sure you will find very useful.
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