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Re: Loosing of the Bond in Zodiacal Releasing


Peak Periods
  • The signs that are angular from the Lot of Fortune are more active and important
  • Coincide with periods of heightened importance and activity when activated.
    • What I call “peak periods”
  • When you start from Spirit and it comes to angles from Fortune these are career peaks
  • When you start from Eros and it comes to angles from Fortune relationship peaks
  • Periods of heightened importance and activity are not necessarily positive.
    • Just more active and more important.
  • Peak periods tend to stand out in a person’s chronology.
  • True especially in general periods, but also in subperiods.
Angular Triads
  • Peak periods do not happen in isolation
  • The sign that comes before a peak period builds up to and prepares for the peak
  • The sign after the peak period carries forward and brings to completion these themes
  • This cluster of three signs is known as an angular triad.
    • Term introduced by Schmidt to name something implicitly used in ancient astrology.
  • You must look at periods as a sequence with a beginning, middle, and end.
Interpreting the Quality of a Period
  • The quality of a period is primarily determined by:
    • Planets in the activated sign
    • Planets aspecting the activated sign by square or opposition
    • The condition of the ruler of the sign.
  • I tend to emphasize planets in or aspecting the sign more than the ruler.
    • Other astrologers focus more on the ruler.
    • Valens initially seems to favor the ruler, but in the examples focuses on the sign
  • The benefics and malefics primarily dictate the subjective experience of the period.
    • If it is experienced as more subjectively positive or negative.
    • The starting Lot you release from provides the context.
  • Important to use sect to determine the most positive and negative planets.
    • Day chart: Jupiter most positive planet, Mars the most negative.
    • Night chart: Venus the most positive planet, Saturn the most negative.
    • The other benefic and malefic are more moderate in their inclinations.
  • The signs angular to the most positive planet will be experienced as the most positive
    • The signs angular to most negative planet experienced as most negative.
    • Angular here means in the same sign, square, or opposed by sign.
    • Sign-based aspects from the benefics and malefics.
  • See where most positive and negative planets fall in the angular triads.
  • Is the most positive planet angular from Fortune, or the most negative planet?
    • Peak periods can be active, but not necessarily experienced as easy or positive.
  • Are benefics activated in the build up period or the cool down phase?
    • Malefics in the build up period or the cool down phase?
The Loosing of the Bond
  • Occurs in some of the signs that are longer than 17 years.
  • On the subperiod it completes the cycle through all 12 signs.
  • Instead of starting the cycle over again, it jumps to the opposite sign.
  • Resumes cycle from opposite sign.
  • This is called the loosing of the bond or the breaking of the sequence.
  • Always happens about 17 and a half years into general period, but on level 2.
    • Loosing of the bond can also occurs on L3 and L4.
  • Always marks a major transition
    • In Spirit it is a major transition in the career and life direction
    • In Eros a transition in relationships
    • In Fortune sometimes a transition in body, health, or circumstances.
  • It is one of the more reliable parts of the technique
  • Often very dramatic or notable.
  • Usually marked by an L or LB in most programs.
  • There are a few different scenarios of what occurs.
  • Foreshadowing period
    • The loosing of the bond is the second time that sign is activated.
    • The first time it is activated 8 years earlier often offers a preview of the LB
    • Sometimes the person almost does something but doesn’t finish/follow through
    • When the LB happens they follow through the second time around.
    • Chris discovered this through working with clients.
Other Stuff
  • Lots of other stuff we can’t get into here.
  • There are many other interpretive principles.
    • Completion period
    • Culmination period
    • Activating the ruler of Spirit
    • Activating the ruler of the general period
  • Not necessary to go into all of that here.
  • Most of it is dealt with in Chris’ full 18-hour lecture.
  • We touch on philosophical issues the technique raises several times in the episode.
  • Talk about some personal experiences with the technique.
  • Realizations/thoughts from using it over time
  • A bunch of other points made throughout the episode were omitted in this outline.
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