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Re: Loosing of the Bond in Zodiacal Releasing

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I`m wondering what type of events are to be expected if there is the Loosing of the Bonds when releasing from three Lots (Fortune, Spirit and Eros) happening within the same time period of time.

LB is said to signify a major transition. And LB happens rarely, so I guess having a set of many LB periods within just a few months seems extraordinary.

Do you have any experience (not necessarily personal) of this?

I`m familiar with one example of overlapped LB periods provided by Chris Brennan at his excellent website

Here is the link to the podcast on ZR:

It is an example of George Lucas, but it seems rather unusual, since most people aren`t interested in pursuing a career as a race car driver. And most people don`t survive serious car accidents.
Plus, the LB happened when Lucas was in his peak period (=sign angular from Fortune).
Calculating Zodiacal Releasing Periods

  • Identify the sign that each lot is placed in.
  • Start from the lot that matches the topic you want to study.
  • The quality of the lot provides the context of the resulting periods.
    • Spirit: career, overall life direction, actions
    • Fortune: health, accidents, the body, that which befalls you.
    • Eros: relationships, marriage, love.
  • Each sign of the zodiac is attributed a certain number of years:
    • Aries and Scorpio: 15
    • Taurus and Libra: 8
    • Gemini and Virgo: 20
    • Cancer: 25
    • Leo: 19
    • Sagittarius and Pisces: 12
    • Capricorn: 27
    • Aquarius: 30
  • The sign the lot falls in is activated for the number of years associated with that sign.
  • Once those years are up, the next sign in zodiacal order is activated.
  • It is called zodiacal releasing because you release the significator from its fixed position
    • Zodiacal “aphesis”
  • It keeps moving forward in zodiacal order as long as the native is alive.
  • Moves at a variable rate, not fixed or constant. Symbolic.
  • For the purpose of calculation 360 day years and 30 day months are used.
  • There are also subperiods to study shorter durations.
    • Signs attributed months instead of years on level 2.
    • Each subperiod is 1/12 of the general period.
    • Four subperiods.
    • Level 3: “weeks” of 2.5 days (1/12 of Level 2)
    • Level 4: “days” of 5 hours (1/12 of Level 3)
  • For the purpose of this we will focus mainly on level 1 and level 2
    • General periods and first subperiods
    • The technique though becomes even more impressive seeing it on lower levels.
  • If Spirit and Fortune are in the same sign, move Spirit forward one sign.
Software Programs for Calculating Zodiacal Releasing

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