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Re: friend's lost wedding ring


Look in the lavatory at his work, a youth might have picked it up, given it to the boss, whom has it,(Mercury is changing signs as is Venus the bauble, she likes her entrance into her natural sign of higher intentions, but Libra is held back, intercepted in the 6th HC, an employer/e, whom is very pretty might have it, or given it to receptionist, Mercury in Libra, to put in a safe look to the higher intention-the right thing to do follows the tenement of where the ring has gone.) is where Jupiter is significant by dignity of sign, (10HC's from the 11th-speaks of work, career as you have said in a PM to me..) Sagittarius (Jupiter in Sag.) individuals are those known to instrument corporate business, protocol, dignified concern about other people's money-possessions, is important as a significant descriptive for; a book-keeper; company policies enforcer, could know of its where-bouts, (Jupiter in Sag. in Scorpio's (8th area} domain, (placed in a safe?) hidden from your friend,as he does not 'know' where it is, but he placed out in the open in a Scorpionic atmosphere.

Hope your friend finds his ring..Moon to Saturn, Uranus natural lords of Aquarius (hopes & on your friends Ascendant, minus Lily rulings, where one can often use the 1st house as the individual asked about, depending on familial camaraderie of the one asked for..) aspects look to.
Hope others chime in to help

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