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Re: Motivational speaker/author?

10th lord jup-rahu scorpio 6th, research-occult-forensic aptitudes,
jup aspect own pisces-cancer 11th-2nd for gains/finances,

retro sat pisces 10th for public-admin, delays and rise-fall in career;
sat lord 9th settling life at 36+, the thumb rule.

retro sat towards acq opp sun-mer leo 3rd,
stress in initiatives-writings-communications-health-siblings;
sun-mer leo 3rd impressive writings/drafting, admin capabilities;

mer 2nd highest deg for vocation over 3rd for communications;
but stressed by sun-mer/retro sat acq opp to note

mars gemini highest deg the core personality,
analytical, information processing, information technology; instrumental music;
mars elevated aspect over cap 8th protective from dangers;

mars analytical gemini 9th from moon for luck, settling at 28/32+,
spirituality through service of mankind;

moon-venus own libra 5th for luck-edu-position, artistic aptitudes-dance etc,
teaching children, public relations; advisory-ministerial roles;
currently jup transit moon-venus libra, sag-jup inimical for gemini asc,
stress-delays in 5th matters;

sat past 2.5yrs transit inimical sag 7th,
stress-delays in relationship/marriage, abdominal health issues etc;

sat moving to own cap 8th next 2.5yrs,
coping with challenges, success amidst adversity;
sat cap elevated aspect moon-venus libra 5th for luck-edu-position etc;

rahu-node now transit sun-mer leo 3rd clouding health-communications etc
prone to excessive risk taking;
ketu separative node transit acq 9th, tending to distant lands coming 1.5yr;

may be focus on research based writings on teaching-education of children,
and child-psychology and teaching of arts-dance to children,
through an NGO etc could be thought of,
and could be the face of NGO conducting Public Relations;
could write on-line blogs or offer on-line counseling, etc;

hope observations on the chart help reflect for oneself further,
do share pointwise feedbacks, wishing well,

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