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Re: Mars in 12th house in virgo

I'm not sure, it gets kinda old, but it depends on other placements. But I will have a guess, just for fun. I'd say that the person couldn't afford to express their needs and act assertive as a child which makes that person supress their will and agression, good or bad, till adulthood. Maybe their parents missed the ability to hold their **** together and didn't teach the kid how to be practical and analytical and get **** done, so it is innerly plagued by the need to succeed in what the parents couldn't do. Or maybe their parents were too unsatisfied with everything around including that kid but didn't have the guts to say it outloud and change it so the kid is plagued by inner questioning of everything and a very quiet critical voice, that doesn't speak clearly but obviously minds something a lot. The person might seem fine and cool but all of the sudden, everything is wrong with everyone, nobody is doing their job, just plain wrong. Maybe passive agression, maybe real outburst of anger. That person might be sticking their nose in just about everything, judging it without being aware of it. And this supressed Mars and silent disatisfaction fuels eruptions in relationships. It just gets really interested, even fascinated, has a feeling like it's getting to know a lot, learning a lot, realizing itself and then something wents all wrong and it's not even clear what exactly and the need to flee and that getting bound their would be definitely unreasonable. There might the 'grass is greener'.

Who is that person with that placement?
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