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Re: Chart interpretations, personality?

What I can do is give you a push in the right direction, first I do have to tell you that my approach is quite traditional, so I will be using the whole sign system to analyze your chart.

For the mission in life, I immediately look at the NN, which is in your 8th house conjunct the Vertex. Although I wouldn't use the Vertex in my analysis, I know that western astrologers associate Vertex contacts with fated events. So that would mean a strong inclination to fulfilling your 'fate'. Might be that you always felt you had no direction of your own in a past life, always serving your families' interest.

The 8th stands for the well-known stuff, transformation, rebirth, death, taxes, other peoples problems etc., all the fun stuff Having the NN in the 8th can feel quite overwhelming because the NN/rahu loses it's direction. But, the fact that it's in Leo makes it a very artistic placement. So that's probably how you would cope with that.

To look how that works out i look at the ruler of the sign wherein the North node resides. Leo is ruled by the Sun. Your Sun is in the 9th house in Virgo. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which is also in the ninth. Exalted, but unfortunately very combusted as well.

Opposite your NN is your SN, conjunct Uranus and POF in the second, in Aquarius. In the second house of family matters, your values, and your feelings of security. The south node in Aquarius would indicate that you might have been a bit self-righteous about the qualities thereof.
Uranus there would indicate a too intense focus on the matters of the second house.

So the mission in this lifetime is to learn how to deal with all the problems of others in an artistic and philosophical manner, because in a 'past life' you were too caught up with your own security in a rigid way and was too much focused on your own family 'looking out for your own'. Now it's your turn to look out for and dealing with others and their dramatic problems. Your ascendant lord Saturn is also forming a square to both your nodes from the fifth. Again, the fifth house stands for the same qualities of Leo. So it will take time for you to discover your own artistic or creative talents, but it's essential in fulfilling your 'fate'.

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