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Do horoscopes really matter for true love?

I've been a long time horoscope reader. And I know plenty about astrology to the point where I have never met a person in real life who can actually challenge me in this metaphysical stuff.

I used to believe in this stuff a lot and almost "feel" this metaphysical energy in everyone.... But after say... 7 years of reading upon it and asking everyone what their signs are... etc... I have come to the point where I am questioning the horoscopes/astrology/stars...

Do horoscopes really matter?? Do two signs really have to match for 'true' love to happen? I am starting to think not.

I am thinking that it boils down to the actual 2 people if they are mature enough and can handle each other or not.. I feel horoscopes and astrology are only a small part of a persons character. In my opinion I see that astrology and the personalities of all the signs are like a 'piece of equipment'. I feel all signs can exhibit all personality traits. I feel there is much more to true love than to rely on just horoscopes nowadays.

Please I would love to hear all of your opinions.
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