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Re: mars sign and dissociation

Originally Posted by or1000 View Post
what are your opinions on the mars sign being in air making the person dissociative prone/not very in touch with the body?
And to address the original question here, I don't think Mars sign has anything to do with it. But if you have a lot of Aquarius and/or Pisces, and Mars is in Gemini, it's likely to be in aspect with those planets, so helping to highlight their energies: trine Aquarius and square Pisces. If Mars is in Aquarius, it's part of that Aquarian energy. If it's in Libra, it wouldn't affect Pisces directly, unless there's a tight quincunx with a Pisces planet, but could trine Aquarius placements. So, Mars isn't the deciding factor, but it could reinforce dissociative tendencies that are found elsewhere in the chart.
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