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Re: Colonoscopy or not to colonoscopy

Originally Posted by mahaira View Post
Sorry to hear about your health problems.

Frisiangal gave an amazing overview, I'd just like to add that I found that transiting Saturn in the 1st house can be a good thing when it comes to health issues. I've read that it "bring about" health problems, but I wouldn't totally agree with it. I think that more often than not problems are already there, it's just that when the Saturn hots your Asc and starts transiting the 1st house, they become apparent.
Now, the good thing about this Saturn placement is that it gives the necessary discipline to follow through.

Here's why, among other things, I don't think you should cancel your appointment - your Neptune placement, natal and transit.

Natally, your Neptune conjuncts your Mercury, the ruler of your 6th house. This placement can give some sort of problems with diagnosis and therapy, in the sense that thins are not clear. It requires additional investment of energy from an individual in order to get to the bottom of things. And there's the rub.
Individual may have irrational fears for his health and keeps postponing seeing a doctor or refusing to follow up.

With this placement I would always ask for a second opinion. And this goes for the Neptune transit you're currently having in the second house potentially forming oppositions with your natal 8th house planets (Uranus and Pluto).

It's great that you're taking care of your diet. There are a few things I found extremely helpful (my digestive system has always been sluggish to say the least):
- eliminating foods that promote inflammation (grains (especially wheat and other gluten rich cereals), sugar, milk and dairy products, foods high in starches, red meat...)
- adding ground flax seed and chia seed to your diet (I make a smoothie where I add them and leave them to soak for a while)
- if sulfur foods give you bloating and gas (and pain in the left side, in my case), avoid eating broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower... I know that they are healthy, but they irritate my colon

I make herbal tea using carvi, cumin and fennel (if you don't have them all just one will help, my favorite is carvi!) they are amazing for everything related to intestines and colon

In the end, the colon may just be the weak link where the problem is manifesting, while the cause lies within your enzymes or the lack thereof. Especially alpha-galactosidase that breaks down oligosaccharides found e.g. in beans.

Btw, the drugs they give you are not so strong, so once you wake up from anesthesia you're up. I've accompanied friends and my husband and I could only see them once the anesthesia wore of, when they were ready to head home.

Hang in there!
Thank you! And thank you for the tips. I do think this is a wake up call. Cancer doesn't typically run in my family, but with various eating disorder way of eating I think I have really put my poor body through it! I am 51 and it is less forgiving. Good to know about the drugs. I live in Amsterdam and here they give you pain pills, but don't sedate you unless you ask. I am not sure yet. I have a panicky feeling of having a tube up my colon. However, my reaction to sedation in the past has been mixed. Only two surgeries and I freaked out coming out of sedation the first time and second, I cried a lot. When I had my wisdom teeth out, I LOVED everyone. I am a private person and again HATE my job, I get nervous what I will say to a co-worker.
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