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Colonoscopy or not to colonoscopy

I started the year with some significant digestion issues. I was really scared that something was seriously wrong as it went on for so long. I've since started cleaning up my diet, going to acupuncture, and taking herbs. My bowl movements are going back to normal and definitely have less pain even though I do still feel tightness in my left side. I think it was just a severe diverticulitis flare up.
I have a colonoscopy scheduled February 20th, but concerned as this enters into the mercury shadow. In addition, I don't really have anyone who can be with me. I would have to ask a co-worker and that is way outside my comfort zone especially when I looped up on drugs. Who knows what will come out of my mouth and I HATE my job. I am considering postponing until after Mercury RX and continue working on my diet. I am considering taking an Ayurvedic class. Would appreciate a review of my chart to determine if it is ok to postpone a colonoscopy. Also, I am not sure what rules the colon astrologically and am curious. Much gratitude!
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