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Re: Major Jupiter Influences?


if could kindly care to ack and care share ground feedbacks,
how true-untrue-insightful-prospective etc,
traits, talents-aptitudes, health, events, etc etc :

sat sag 10th has been transiting enemy sun-rahu rise-fall tendencies,
sun lord 6th for health and employment;

sat tends to rise-fall too while evacuating a sign, especially the 10th;
sat sag aspect own acq 12th for foreign lands;

sooner sat moves to own cap 10/11 for career-gains and could fare better hopefully,
cap ambitious and hardworking;

sat cap and mars opp however,
stress-struggle in income-gains-friendships-romance-position to watch/care.

sat cap 11th gains from technology, old friends, old people to watch;
natal mars elevated aspect cap 11th for gains;
mars-venus opp prone to relationships by mere attractions;
transit sat-mars opp under stress;

asc lord jup now transit natal jup libra 8th, research inclinations,
while prone to chronic-liver health issues perhaps;

sooner jup moves to scorpio 9th trine moon for luck-edu-travels-research;
trine elevated aspect mars cancer 5th again for luck-edu-children-position;
trine moon own pisces asc protective of health and general well-being;

virgo-mer inimical for pisces asc, inimical mer over 9th
impacting luck-edu with slowdown, prone to skin infections probably;
while may be good for research-occult aptitudes;
jup transit inimical scorpio 9th good for research-advisory-teaching roles
but with stress-delay to note;

past 1.5yr ketu south separative node transit moon pisces, lord 5,
prone to pain-injury-surgery head-lungs-feet etc,
and impacting luck-edu-romance-position;
rahu transit inimical virgo 7th impacting marriage-
tending to foreign relationships

now ketu transit sat acq 12th, pain-injury-surgery feet-legs-sciatica etc,
sat lord 11-12 for income-gains-foreign lands-expenses-health-employment etc to care;

hope information helps take stock, find insightful-useful-prospective;

may focus on the outcomes mentioned and not on the technical presentations,
how true-untrue etc, do share ground feedbacks;

wishing luck with jup scorpio 9th, though under stress-delay,
and sat transit cap, while watch for ketu transit sat-acq 12th,

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