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Synastry: Can Pluto Do The Job Of His Unaspected Mars?


In a synastry, this is the condition of Paul's mars:

* Mars (ruler of 5th house, placed in 7th);
* Opposition to Isabella's Saturn (9);
* Apex of a yod with her Pluto (ruler of her 5th, placed in 4 th) and Neptune (ruler of 9th, placed in 7th).

His mars is unaspected, right?


* Paul's Pluto (his chart ruler) is conjunct her Moon (her chart ruler);
* Isabella's Pluto (ruler of 5th) is conjunct his moon (ruler of 8th);
* Venus trine Pluto (double whammy);
* Her ascendant, sun-mercury (conjunct his Venus-vertex, and Venus is his descendant ruler), mars and black moon lilith are in his 8th house;
* Her Venus is in his 7th and tightly conjunct 8th cusp.

There is much more in this synastry, including soft aspects and a tantric signature, but let's talk about this plutonic vibe versus his supposedly unaspected mars. Pluto holds a martian energy, is the upper octave of mars, but how can it work in this case? Attraction but no action? A different way of act towards her?


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