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Re: Oh Universe and astrologer community, What am I supposed to do?

With the Moon and Asc. in Pisces, Film Production is a good choice of study. But the Sun in Sag squaring the Moon/Asc may make it a challenge for you to stay focused on a solid goal or career path. It will be very important for you to find the right group of artists/producers/directors to work with to help guide you in that direction. You will be a valuable asset and highly skilled and talented at your craft.

The Sun in Sag in a tight sextile to Jupiter in Libra is a very nice thing for future success. And perhaps for future relationships that may be a combination of mutual spiritual growth and with the bonus of travel/expansion of cultural boundaries.

It might be a bit cloudy or confusing now, with Neptune squaring the Sun. That is like having one's old boundaries/beliefs slowly dissolving away. It can feel kind of unnerving and unstable but it is expansive and enlightening in the end.
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