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Cool Re: Cap. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune Generation

Amazing, amazing, amazing!!!!!!! You just described perfectly in words what I've been through.
Long story short, I am having 2 "symptons" and 1 big step in career:
1) More and more dissatisfaction in doing things I am not interested in doing (this causes struggle because I still have to pay the rent/bills/etc)
2) A strong urge to "save" mankind and showing them "the right path" (this causes struggle in the sense people think I am a sort of "Hitler-like personality" and I am getting more and more isolated from social environments)
3) I am in the process of turning a hobby into a job, even though I didn't expect money could be obtained out of it. I am a self-taught english speaker (native brazilian) and I am close to become an english teacher And while I don't have a job yet, I found income in doing Transcribing/Subtitling freelance jobs (completely unexpected to make money from my notebook, from home)
The point 3, kinda solves the problems caused by 1 and 2
Life is craaazy It's a funny ride, like a videogame, several "levels"
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