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Re: Cap. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune Generation

Originally Posted by RosieOne View Post
But wait, what do you make of your Soul's Agenda this life - that Pisce NN?
Yeah this thread is so great and full of lots of information about our rebelious generation, but I still feel lost in this material world.
Did you ask what am I making of my life? Well, I was raised in a rigid family and I regret not learning to play music when I was a teen, instead I kept obeying orders from my family telling me that I had to work in Engineering. Now here I am, getting in and out of boring jobs, because I just know how to do 1 thing, and no one seems to accept me for doing different things because I have no experience, I am trapped in a box, trying to escape this box (hope Uranus transiting 4th house helps).
What Pisces north node means? Am I supposed to die crucified to serve as example to the future generations? LOL I feel a strong drive to teach others but no one seems to care, everyone is caring about how much coins they will earn in this month and buying that new cellphone LOL
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