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Re: sun, moon, asc

Jupiter in Leo in the 4th House means your home is your castle, your heart and your Quest. Married to Venus in Aquarius in the 10th! Venus in Aquarius in the 10th means that your career and calling is very artistic (Venus) and strange, eccentric, or futuristic or otherwise mind-boggling ala Aquarius.

This opposition marriage is part of a Fixed T Square - the missing leg of which is Intercepted Taurus 12th House. The apex/arrow is Pluto in Scorpio!

Fixed T Squares make you feel stuck, or trapped. The Key out is the missing corner of the Box. In your case an intercepted Taurus 12th House zone. Thus I predict that what I am about to tell you will seem far fetched to you, but I want you to do it anyway.

Feed (Taurus) the poor (12th House) anonymously (intercepted). Or visit people who are in comas, just sit there silently, or sing quietly or tell them telepathic stories about gardens and flowers and Springtime and any Taurus type subject. Or give something worthwhile to a street person.

Do something practical and simple (Taurus) in secret if possible (Intercepted) for the sick, oppressed, poor, insane, old - today. This week. And report back.

According to astrology - this is the missing piece that will suddenly rock your world. More about this in Aquairusville...
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