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Re: sun, moon, asc

2. Is actually related to 1. As i said in one of my threads "A friend of my family who also introduced me to astrology told me once that there seem to be indications for an inclination towards treachery, scheming and slight criminal tendencies. It's also interesting because i have quite a reputation among my friends of being unemotional and sly, albeit in a more humerous sense. but i tend to have a reserved and calculating demeanor - i am positive that most of my ex-partners would attest to that."

I try to be a good person of course and i would say i'm a sound friend. but i'm well aware of the fact that "the only way to survive in a snake pit is to become a snake yourself". Who isn't? But do you see some unusual aspects in my chart that would show a particularly manipulating or sly personality?

You would make a great bad guy. You wouldn't be happy, rather you would be mean and jealous and old fashioned. Capricorn gone bad is Scrooge. Pluto in Scorpio gone bad is Demonic. And Taurus intercepted Mars Rising opposite Pluto could mean you could be one of those jerks who explodes in temper due to self loathing seemingly randomly.

But I'm not worried. Taurus and Scorpio and Capricorn are TRUTHY. Only way you are ever going to impress yourself - the only person who matters in the game of impressing people - is to pull off a high integrity life that you are sincerely proud of.
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