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Re: sun, moon, asc

1. I stand in a bit of awe of my 12th house mars. For what i've read it can reveal some trapped/suppressed mars-energy thats desirous of breaking out eventually. Some astrologers say that people with strong energies in their 12th house consider themselves victims of the respective area. So 12th house mars may lead the chart owner to believe that they never got to be themselves. that their passions, drive, assertiveness and all their marsian attributes had to be suppressed from the start. not knowing that this inner victim-position actually causes an uncontroled release of those energies resulting in ruthlessness and cruelty.

My mars is actually in a weak opposition with my pluto in scorpio and i guess that doesnt really ease things up either.

You Mars is conjunct your Rising. Anything within 10* - certainly anything within 5* of any House cusp is a Greeter for that next House. Planets/archetypes who are Greeters at the threshold of any House/realm display the traits of that next House very strongly even though they are still in the preceeding House.

Having Mars Risng gives this YANG importance to the Gemini Life Movie you are creating and livng. People will see you are very Yang, and married to Pluto in the 6th, you are super INTENSE. Me too. I love that.

And Mars in Taurus married to Pluto in Scorpio means you are here to live a very passionate sexy Gemini Rising sort of life.

That said, because Mars is on the 12th House side of the Rising and intercepted, you probably don't always know or remember that you are very intense - like check out these questions you are asking me!

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