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Re: Cap. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune Generation


I want to focus on you here for a bit. I mis-spoke. Your Pluto is on the cusp of your 11th House, not on your MH. This make you intensely public, and kind of works out to the same thing as what I said - though you don't HAVE to work for yourself. Having a job in a company would work, but it better be a company doing something you can love and promote with good conscience.

North Node in the Sky is headed for your Pluto. Love that! North Node went over my Saturn and this thread got started.

You are Taurus Sun/Jupiter personality, fueled by an Aries Moon within - this is your character or personality.

A surprisingly active and big aura-ed Taurus. You are bound to be successful. Just do it your way. Follow your instincts, don't leap too soon, or too late - leap just right.

You have incarnated in with the Capricorn Rising Tribe who are here to be incorruptible, humble, leaders and to leave a body of work behind that can help future beings. That is the genre of life movie you need to live.

You calling/career is your Midheaven and it is Libra. You will be see as being either an artistic being, or a mediator or activist, lawyer, judge, critic, arbitor of fashion, host/ess, or facilitator, team work creator or ADROIT BOSS. I love working under Libra MH bosses. They do TEAM so beautifully and they care.

But wait, what do you make of your Soul's Agenda this life - that Pisce NN?

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