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Re: Cap. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune Generation

Thank you Rosie. You are very kind. I do realize I am responsible for this little soul...I'm going to make sure he knows he is special and loved!

2 of my brothers have Capricorn rising.

Pluto is transiting Bro1's 1st house. Neptune & Uranus are in there. Chiron is currently squaring his Gemini Sun.

Pluto is in Bro2's 12th house. This is the youngest with Saturn in the 4th. He just emerged from his first Jupiter Return, in Gemini. Funny coincidence is that I was 11-nearing-12 years old when he was born. And MY son was born when this bro was 11-nearing-12 years old. They are both Dragons in Chinese astrology ^_^

The third brother has a Capricorn 4th house, where Neptune & Uranus lie. So Pluto there? Cant be easy. He also has a Tsquare where the Moon and Venus oppose, and both square Uranus & Neptune. The opposite house is his Midheaven. Him getting a career is his ticket?

Edited to add that Saturn turned direct this past week. That must have helped to establish firm boundaries, that after the fog of retrograde everything is now suddenly clear. I am following a few astrologers on twitter who tweet these things!

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