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Lightbulb Re: daily aspectarian

Originally Posted by grant12 View Post
Hello does anyone know where I could obtain either a book or online page that has a list of daily aspects to the moon such as 7.00am Geo Moon trine Jupiter 12.45pm Geo Moon square Uranus etc for the course of one day. I saw a calender type format that had a clear display of aspects and transits to the Moon for the course of one day but was New York time and as I live in Melbourne how would obtain a list of daily records set for Melbourne time .
Astrolog supports displaying the exact times of aspects, void of course Moon and eclipse times, and such, in whatever timezone you want. This can be displayed in calendar form or table form. Print these charts out to create your own "book", or if you want a fully online solution,'s Extended Chart Selection (see sticky thread) offers access to certain Astrolog charts.

Astrolog 7.10 freeware downloads:
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