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Re: How can an aspect be turned into a square if the signs are compatible?

Hmm Mercury in domicile house.. but in a unfortunate house (if we go by traditional astro) Don't really know how Mercury can be in a "bad" house when that house is ruled by Mercury (Virgo).

Moon is weakened but in exaltation and also in home house of Taurus, which get's a dose of Mars as it's coloured energy which is debilitated but strengthened by sect and is also in home house by sign.

Honestly it would seem to me that Moon and Mars influence each other which is how that aspect works anyway, Mars and Moon here seem to balance actually... looking at it, Mars is in an uncomfortable sign, but strengthened, Moon is exalted but weakened by sect, but also the chart ruler. Gives both a much needed kick in the butt so to speak.

Saturn is out of sect but in Capricorn which is domicile by sign (ruler).

Venus is sextiled by Mars which are both in strength by sect.

I don't know, seems to play out just fine TBH from what i am understanding thus far, i will read more and dig for more information.
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