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Re: Boyfriend Proposed During Mercury Retrograde

Originally Posted by 1nluv View Post
Hello! As the title states, my boyfriend proposed marriage just a couple of days ago while mercury is retrograde. The proposal was expected since we had discussed it before mercury going retrograde, but it was entering shadow period. He has natal mercury retrograde; I don't. Is this any cause for concern? Does anyone have experience with this?
My husband has natal Mercury retrograde, in Aries in the 12th.

He has a long history of signing work contracts during retro Merciry and it has been fine for him.

He is an independent contractor, self employed writer/musician. There were so many times that he went for awhile with no work, then when Mercury went retro he would get a great offer out of the blue.

I feel like his retro Mercury protects him from troubles with contracts he signs under that retro cycle. It seems to work in his favour.
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