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Timing Events Through Planetary Days & Hours

This is a bit of a stretch, but I was curious if anyone "out there" was aware of any tradition (or even modern system) which has used the planetary days and hours as a time-lord/dasha system in order to predict the time of events?

The idea occurred to me in the shower but I cannot recall ever hearing of any timing method that utilizes it.

Similar to progressions "1 day for 1 year" moving the planetary days, hours and even the smallest 60th division of the planetary day forward as time progressed.

Thus someone born under the planetary day of the Moon with Mercury hour would be running Moon/Mercury which would change to Moon/Moon, Moon/Saturn and so on.

I have not tested it out yet. But the idea seems simple and obvious enough (in retrospect) that I figure it must have been considered or tried at some point.

If anyone has something (even if vague) they can point to that is related it will be appreciated.

Thank you.
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