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The Equatorial Ascendant

What is your interpretation of the equatorial ascendant? I've heard different things about it, but nothing very clear. This is probably the best description that I've found, from :

"I tend to think of the Equatorial Ascendant as soulís Earth Attitude. It is more transcendent to the ASC expression, sort of an underlying motive driving our more covert expression revealed by the ASC. Its placement articulates how soul currently views Earthian experience based on its accumulative experience up to this incarnation, and how we express that attitude. Equatorial Ascendant stars can indicate the nature of an attitude we need to address before clearly expressing soul (through the ASC) in empowered confidence. This can be a deep seated soul-level grief or regret about what we did not accomplish, attain or live up to in our previous incarnational experience."

It's interesting, but I'd still like to hear other perspectives. I've also heard it called the "Secret Ascendant".

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