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Re: Predominance in cadent houses

That was just an article I found along the way. There are plenty of people on here that will have a reference mind like a library that could do better than me on that! Not every paragraph in that link is essential but there are a few relevant ideas and I think the author has a good, broad perspective on cadence.

If you have specific interests or concerns, you could break it down to parts of your life e.g. what does this much cadence mean for work, love etc.

If you mean just overall, as a personality, I can relate.


3rd house - Moon
6th house - Saturn, Uranus
9th house - Mercury, Venus

The keywords I used earlier ring through my life with every passing year. Commitments can be tricky because my interests and desires change. Now how does one maintain commitments if one's inner thoughts etc. change? The risk of inconsistency as you mentioned could mean never fulfilling important plans. That definitely poses problems for work and love etc. After years of this, I realized I needed to bring some goals to fruition, and I have been.

I think others can look at us as a well-spring of ideas. We're EXTREMELY absorbent of ideas and experiences and that is a mark of intelligence, curiosity and could be a sign of wisdom later on, it seems to me. Cadence I don't think means ineffectual or that we are forced to run on everyone else's plans - oh no. Idea-people, therefore problem-solvers in our own right and creative too.

I'm not sure if you're looking to explore ideas on this one or do need some direction for personal research. I'll keep an eye out (and scratch my head for what I've read already) and post any good research on the way.

p.s. one more thing, you mentioned you've a stellium in the 9th? I read an astrologer (Russell Grant, You Can Change Your Life) say that a stellium in one sign or house, with or without the Sun can 'out-gun even the Sun sign'. A stellium in the 9th rings Sagittarius. You might find a long and insightful path of research into Sagg. What's your Sun sign? It doesn't mean you are a Sag but I would definitely consider it strongly in conjunction with all your plans.

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