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Re: I am not sure if I am a Leo or Virgo rising in my chart

Originally Posted by The19thLaw View Post
This Uranus going direct is scaring the shiz outta me!

Yes, Uranus is going to square your Sun this year. But if you have great fear about it, that may make it harder for you to manage the challenge. Aspects, even the stressful ones, often bring opportunities. When planets square they act as catalysts for creative change. But if you fight the change, that is usually when you see the more negative manifestations of the energy. Likely it will test your desire and willingness to do things your way.

That t-square in your chart in fixed signs with Pluto and Saturn does point to a person who tends to rigidity and has a some difficulty with change. If you know this about yourself and you know a challenging, change-inducing event is in the stars, prepare for it by developing stress coping techniques, supportive relationships and not investing or risking too much of yourself or resources in any one endeavor at this time.

With such a big H12 emphasis it is likely you are more introverted or low-key than the typical Leo. And Leo IMO is a very misunderstood sign because its expression is not always the exhibitionist, extraverted attention seeking person. There are may very introverted Leos for whom the creative project of their lifetime is making themselves a better person, and a more authentic person, and many have a very strong understanding of their individual spiritual journey. It is hard for a Leo to do something if his heart is not in it - there has to be some meaningful, heartfelt aspect for them.
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