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Re: I am not sure if I am a Leo or Virgo rising in my chart

Such a 12th house-focused chart! When you've got most planets there, no wonder you like astrology. I can't make an accurate reading just yet, 'cause I just took a quick look over your chart, but I'm guessing spirituality, and connection with the unknown is quite a relevant thing in your life.

Most of the hardships you'll go through in life will be balancing that out with absolute, cold-hearted reality (since Saturn opposes these planets). Especially manifested internally (since all of the planets there are personal, and the one opposed is a social one).

Seems like you put your knowledge, ethics and moral judgments first when it comes to the way you approach others (Jupiter in the 1st ruling Mercury). Your appearance, and the way others can identify you is through Jupiter in Virgo. There's also opportunity for connection with larger social schemes or spiritual experiences, mostly through Jupiter trining Uranus and Neptune. You should expect larger than life, generational events interacting with this part of you, and also in a harmonious way.
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