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Re: Why is it only in racing it is difficult to predict then other sports?

Hi Amit,

I have run into the same problem, too. I have used the Addey method and experimented with a number of my own methods to predict hundreds of horse races over the past months, but my success rate has never gone higher than 40%.

I have even used those methods concurrently, and still there were races that all of the methods failed to indicate the winner.

I have even taken into account that in horse races, usually one of the favorites wins, and that sometimes horse races start 1-5 minutes late.

I chalk up the difficulty in predicting horse races to these factors:

1. The short duration of the race.
2. Not taking the riders (and owners) into the equation.
3. The difficulty in choosing which horse represents which significator (a la Addey method).
4. The fact that horses in a race are usually born around the same time.

By the way, I am not aware of the greyhound racing method. Would you care to mention it?
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