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Re: Will I get a new job?

margincall, I'm retired now, but in my former career I got to interview a lot of job candidates. If your c.v. looks good enough to get an interview, I wonder how you are coming across to interviewers, Maybe you can video yourself doing a mock interview, with a good friend playing the role of an interviewer. You may find out things about your personal style that you didn't realize.

For what it's worth, Uranus in the first house in your horary chart, and conjunct your sun in your natal suggest you may come across as unconventional or even unstable in some way. Of course, if your self-confidence is taking a beating, it may be hard to project self-confidence. You just have to "fake it till you make it." Fortunately Uranus is super-well aspected in both charts, so this shouldn't be a big long-term issue for you personally; but just to say that seeing yourself in a mock interview may help you to hone your presentation style.

An early degree rising in a horary usually means, "It's too soon to tell," so there is always hope for the future.
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