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Re: Will I get a new job?

Sunrise, there was a thread recently on the VOC moon, and when it is and when it isn't.
In this case, I consider it to be VOC, it has to change signs to have any action.

10th ruler on the ascendent and Venus ruler of the 6th approaching a trine to Saturn co-ruler of the 10th show promise, but with the VOC moon it isn't a sure thing.
Also, Venus is not only in its fall but also opposing lilith, so you will have to work doubly hard to get something.

In your natal both the 10th cusp of career and the 6th cusp of work are on the 29th degree, which may explain part of the problem, in that there is no room here for development, they are at the end of their journey, so to speak.
The natal ascendent, at almost 29 degrees mirrors this situation.
In the natal the theme of Venus is continued as ruler of the MH, although here moon in 12th rules the 6th house and opposes Venus in the 6th.
Chiron near the MH also puts your career in the position of a healing status, you seem to be an old soul trying to complete work almost finished in an earlier lifetime. Not a lot of help on the practical side to pay your bills, but at least you can have an insight as to what you are supposed to be achieving here.
That Venus in 6th is squaring pluto in 3rd creating a tension with communications, and transiting Uranus at the moment completes the T-square by sitting in early taurus, increasing the stress, pushing you towards solutions.
What we saw on the MH in the horary is now seen as the 6th in the natal, namely Aquarius and Saturn/uranus. So, Saturn squares mars in the 6th and Uranus in the 4th is approached by moon from the 12th.
You don't mention what type of work you do, does it have anything to do with the field of beauty in some way?
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