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Re: Will I get a new job?

Originally Posted by margincall View Post
I'm having a very hard time finding a job and it's taking an emotional toll on me. Sometimes I get an interview but no call-back, other times not even an interview and it's been going on for a while. I am the querent. End of next week is my last working day at my current employer - they are making my position redundant. I am under immense financial stress at this time, and the current work situation is not helping.

What are your thoughts on this chart?

The chart did not have any aspects Mars (I) with Saturn. Is the ascendant is in early degrees?

Uranus is right at ascendant - indicating some form of change or surpise. Not sure if this is a good or bad surprise. How can we read if it will be good surprise or change, may be a new job?
First let me say that your question is specific very well positioned for the horary and also the chart is valid and reads fine.

You, Venus in her Fall and Burned by the Sun, show us exactly what you are describing above. How you are and how you feel. You're burning up about your subject.

The Moon may not make any aspect at this time until it reaches the other sign, but it will soon find Mercury at zero degrees. So, no Void.
The Moon is the Lord of your 3rd house (communication, messages, documents etc), you will definitely have some news (3rd), which may concern your finances and your wallet (2nd Hermes). Good news.

Now as to whether you will find a job I think you will find something, not a great deal but I am sure you will. Saturn is your current job and commander of the 10th house (generally your business) and Jupiter is the other job you are looking, because now you have a job.

Venus (you) here will aspect Saturn and Jupiter at the same time. Saturn and Jupiter collect the light of Venus.
Venus is moving away from the sun and you will feel much better than you are now.
In the future you will be even better. Good times will come for you.

my best wishes and good luck
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