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Re: Will I get a new job?

Originally Posted by waybread View Post
margincall, I am sorry that you are going through so much stress. But I am inclined to agree with greybeard, that the void-of-the-course moon suggests no change for some time. However, I think we can infer some information from your chart.

With a job horary, it's also helpful if we know: is your main consideration about your money? (2nd house) Just-a-job? 6th house. Or your vocation in life? 10th house.

Regardless, you are symbolized by Venus. It is in its fall in Virgo and is combust the sun. So I wonder, how are you presenting yourself? Are you presenting yourself in a strong way via your applications and interviews? With so many planets in your 4th house, is there a work-home conflict that is an issue for you?

If you're being declared redundant, hopefully you can apply for unemployment benefits. Then think if there is anything you can do in your field by way of freelancing or volunteering in your field, so that you're not just showing up as "sitting around the house" in your next applications?

waybread, thank you for your reply. the main consideration in to get a decent job that is able to pay my bills and other expenses. I have significant legal expenses - I am going through a divorce, child custody proceedings in court. And I am paying child support and maintenance at this time.

yes, I saw the combinations of all the planets in 4th house, indicating a work from home situtaion. But the chances of me find a work from home employment is low. I don't have any funds to start my own business etc.

I will be getting some unemployment benefits from the government. But that is not enough to pay all my expenses. I am looking at contract employment through agencies.
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