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Originally Posted by margincall View Post
I'm having a very hard time finding a job and it's taking an emotional toll on me. Sometimes I get an interview but no call-back, other times not even an interview and it's been going on for a while. I am the querent. End of next week is my last working day at my current employer - they are making my position redundant. I am under immense financial stress at this time, and the current work situation is not helping.

What are your thoughts on this chart?

The chart did not have any aspects Mars (I) with Saturn. Is the ascendant is in early degrees?

Uranus is right at ascendant - indicating some form of change or surpise. Not sure if this is a good or bad surprise. How can we read if it will be good surprise or change, may be a new job?
Asc is in 6th degree; not "too early". First 3 and last 3 degrees disqualify. But Moon is void of course: "Nothing will happen". Chart is "not fit to be read."

Uranus is unpredictable, unexpected, independent and "overthrows the existing order".

Study carefully Bob Zemco's step by step outline of how to do horary, just posted yesterday by JupAsc. Stick to the rules.

Your question is weak. Too general, not specific. Two things are very important to horary art. First, the querent must have a deep psychological involvement in the question. Second, the question must be carefully phrased and go to the root of the matter. Without those two conditions being met, I do not answer questions. I usually spend considerable time interrogating the client, until I am certain that I myself fully understand the situation and the true question. Then and only then do I personally cast a chart. When I understand is the moment the question is externalized...because someone other than querent is aware of the question. I don't usually. Read charts the querent has cast.

The horoscope answers "the question as asked", and if not phrased properly. What is it the querent REALLY wants to know?

Anyway, this chart does not meet the "Considerations before judgment" and is not fit to be read.

Can you imagine and devise some form of self-employment? Uranus is independent.

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