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Originally Posted by ElenaJ View Post
It isn't the topic of sex that's the problem, it's that the question has to be something really felt, and relating to the chart.
A chart can't be used to answer a whole rainbow of questions that continue to pop into one's mind.
The energy that is going on when a question is born, is the energy that is found in the chart. And it corresponds to the chart, and the answer will be found in the question.
Another question is not related to the chart, so we can't continue to attach more and more questions to the same chart.
Otherwise, to exaggerate, we could do just one chart for all our life span and keep looking at it for all our questions! Which is not the case, surely you agree.
Yes I know that and I understand that I can only ask one question per chart. I wouldnít have asked if I wasnít concerned. I mentioned that this person and I had a miscommunication. Hence the reason why I was concerned about whether or not we would have sex again. I know to some people itís not important but I know Iím not like everyone else. Iíve also asked questions about school and my career etc.
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