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Re: Should my bf buy this car? Need answer by tomorrow!

Originally Posted by ElenaJ View Post
Not sure why you are assigning the ascendent to him. Did he ask the question?
As you phrased it, Should my boyfriend buy.... then the 7th house should represent him.
You are absolutely right. I thought about it after posting the chart.

Mercury retrograde is your boyfriend, while the car is the 3rd house, Saturn.
Why the 3rd house instead of the 2nd house of possessions?
I learnt that the car is represented by the 2nd house, which is Cap, therefore saturn.
Yet, for future reference, should I be looking at the 3rd house instead of the 2nd house? Is it because cars are related to transportation therefore mercury (3rd house?)

Mercury approaches a trine to Saturn however it turns direct before completing the aspect.
There won't be a purchase made.
I hope so.

Moon from his 2nd house of money approaches a trine to Neptune on the car's 2nd house of value. He will find out the car is not worth the money asked.
Then moon opposes pluto in the 2nd, he will break it off because of the money, as mercury goes direct.
He is a double virgo and it is mercury retrograde. He learnt about something peculiar concerning the car and will ask for clarification tomorrow. I am truly hoping he changes his mind as he is very excited and ready to put the down payment tomorrow.

There is nothing I could tell him to convince him otherwise so, I am hoping he receives some sort of bad news that detract him from the purchase. Mercury will not be going direct until next week.

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