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Re: Exact 26 Jupiter Neptune & Chiron in Aquarius square Mercury

Originally Posted by Sammicammy View Post
Hi my daughter has an interesting stellium in the first house all at 26 degrees Jupiter Neptune & Chiron then squaring Mercury in the fourth house also at 26 degrees. Her sun in Gemini and rising sign is Aquarius . Iím a bit concerned about how this aspect will play out with Chiron involved. Can anyone put a positive spin in it? She is 11 has a slight speech issue and shows signs of creativity in the technical realm. Recently she has been interested in learning about astrology. I appreciate any insight as it has stumped me

It is difficult to talk about a chart without seeing it. A lot of people have a few planets close to one degree. I have Pluto, Neptune, the Moon's Nodes and Jupiter all within one degree aspecting each other - and two more planets within 2-3 degrees of the first set also aspecting them. It happens. To know what it means, you need to have the whole chart.
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