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Re: Exact 26 Jupiter Neptune & Chiron in Aquarius square Mercury

I think that encouraging her to learn a bit about Astrology could be very good for her. That Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron in Aquarius would lent itself to that kind of study. She has some deep cosmic wisdom she can eventually tap into. '

And with that Chiron, in the 1st,and squaring Mercury she may have some emotionally painful lessons to work through as she matures. [don't we all?]

Mercury represents her younger years and she may have some tension in her early adolescence, trying to 'fit in' with judgmental peers.

The good news is that her Aquarius rising and triple conjunction kind of buffer her, as she KNOWS how unique and special her kind of intelligence is. She is kind of above the fray because she has a very deep reservoir of universal spiritual confidence.

Allow her to investigate and research offbeat and unusual subjects as she will shine in her own individual way.
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